Análisis y control de sistemas discontinuos / Analysis and control of discontinuous systems

Clave: 09A5584

No. de horas: 72

Unidades de crédito:  8

Créditos SATCA: No disponible

Tipo de asignatura: Optativa

Fecha de elaboración: 2014-10-20

Objetivo general:

Students will be able to synthesize and analize variable structure controllers and observers for uncertain nonlinear systems.             
Unit I.  Define basic concepts of variable structure systems.
Unit II:  Provide mathematical tools for understanding the solution of differential equations with discontinuous right-hand-side.
Unit III:  Provide the design basis of variable structure controllers for perturbed systems.
Unit IV:  Synthesis and design of second and high-order sliding mode controllers.
Unit V:  Define key strategies for designing discontinuous observers.
Unit VI:  Synthesis of sliding mode controllers for mechanical systems.


1.  Variable structure systems.
2.  Mathematical preliminaries.
3.  Variable structure control for perturbed systems.
4.  Second and high-order sliding modes.
5.  Design of sliding-mode observers.
6.  Applications.


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