Servicios y redes de telecomunicaciones / Telecommunication services and networks

Clave: 12A6426
No. de horas: 72
Unidades de crédito:  8
Créditos SATCA:  No disponible
Tipo de asignatura: Optativa
Fecha de elaboración: 2011-10-12

Objetivo general:

To understand the basic operation principles of modern telecommunication systems, focusing on three fields: (a) Understanding the integration of information packets (b)Understanding different transport systems and application environments (c) Understanding protocols that define how systems operate.

  1. Introduction.
  2. The physical layer.
  3. The data link layer.
  4. The medium access control sublayer.
  5. The network layer.
  6. The trasnport layer.
  7. The application layer.
  8. Networksecurity.

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